We see a world where every person, everywhere, can be great. Through our Values Based Leadership model, we work to empower individuals and organizations to discover the values that motivate them, and transform those values into action.


InnerWill is a not-for-profit dedicated to developing better, braver, and wiser leaders. Our principles are based on both sound theory and practical experience. We engage hearts and minds across every level of an organization. InnerWill uses values based techniques to teach, coach, and support the development of anyone and everyone interested in transforming both their own life and the lives of others.

You were born with amazing potential


Each of us has the ability to ignite that potential, and to ignite tremendous potential in the people around us. That’s what leadership is: a conscious choice to work first on yourself to in turn positively impact the lives of those around you. Leadership isn’t a title, it’s a choice.

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