InnerWill was born from a company that is living proof that leading starts from WITHIN. THEN OTHERS ARE TRANSFORMED through VALUES-BASED Leadership.


Our commitment to creating a better world through Values-Based Leadership stems from our founder and President & CEO of Luck Companies, Charlie Luck, IV, who recognized the power of people and the impact organizations can have on the lives of their employees, customers, and communities.

After Luck Companies’ 85-year history as a successful family-held business, Charlie realized that the organization had so much more potential if alignment and collaboration of senior management could be improved. This led to a Values-Based Leadership journey — for his family and for the workplace. As a result, Luck Companies is the largest family-held and family-run aggregate business in the country, ranks in the top three most engaged places to work in the U.S., and is a thriving organization built for the future.

The support and enthusiasm for this inspiring work led to the founding of InnerWill in 2015. Since then, we have worked with more than 150 organizations to teach them how to overcome business challenges and drive success through Values-Based Leadership. The tools, models, and content we use are first tested at Luck. We collaborate with experts and thought leaders from around the country to learn, innovate, and build our effective programs — thereby setting the standard for VBL development.

We believe in empowering people to effect positive change at work, at home, and in the wider community to amplify impact. We’re ready to help you do the same.

You can choose to do bigger things, better things.
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Make a Wiser World

Companies who have implemented our values-based approach to leadership have seen a significant impact on organizational outcomes, including higher levels of engagement, lower levels of turnover, and increased alignment around a company’s strategy and mission.



InnerWill’s Board of Directors and Advisors have led the charge by fully implementing Values-Based Leadership for themselves, their families, and others around them. Our Board brings a wide range of experiences, competencies, and perspectives that help ensure our program excellence and effectiveness.


Our facilitators bring their depth of knowledge, mastery of facilitation, and passion to everything they do in order to help individuals and organizations realize their potential.

You have the power to lead better.

So what are you waiting for?

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