My Mentor

In personal and professional development, mentors are valuable figures that encourage and guide us to achieve our goals. Coach and Facilitator Carla Ruiz reflects on how her mentor set her up for success in the field of Values Based Leadership coaching.

A Triad of Touchstones to Transform

Shelly L. Francis, marketing and communications director at the Center for Courage & Renewal, lends her voice to the InnerWill blog this week. In her blog post, Shelly breaks down the three touchstones that have stood out as keys leaders use when facing challenges.

What Makes a Good Boss?

This week on the InnerWill blog, we discuss one of the most recognizable players in any workplace: the boss. Betsey Fortlouis, InnerWill Director of Development and Partnerships, shares how her past experiences working under different bosses taught her the dos and don’ts of effective management.

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