5 Surprising Ways to Power Up Your Professional Development

When you consistently do things that make you uncomfortable, over time, these small efforts make a powerful impact on your professional development and leadership. Danessa Knaupp shows you how to jumpstart your learning in the year ahead.

Avoid Reacting and Responding in 2019 – Initiate Instead!

Do you find yourself waiting for something to happen, then reacting and responding more often than not? Initiate! Brian Gareau tells you how to take a more proactive approach to values, relationships, and accountability this year.

Leadership and the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the world’s largest stages. Much like the exceptional football players who make it to the big game, as a leader, you’re also on stage, always leading by example. Dr. Thomas Epperson shares the steps you can take to perform at the highest levels as a leader.

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