The healthier the family, the stronger the business. Leadership is not just for work.

A family business’s success depends primarily on its people and their ability to lead — to make conscious choices that are aligned with the values of the organization and with their own core values. As the requirements for running a successful family-business have changed, so have the approaches to developing family-business leaders. The InnerWill Leadership Institute teaches the necessary skills to strengthen leadership capabilities and drive results, through the practice of Values-Based Leadership (VBL).

“Research shows family businesses that make their values explicit and measurable, and incorporate them into strategic plans, see better returns and greater longevity.”
– PwC, US Family Business Survey 2019

InnerWill Family Business Impact

IMPROVE Engagement
CULTIVATE Collaboration
INCREASE Productivity
EFFECT Positive Change

When it comes to leadership, your values matter.

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Born out of Luck Companies, InnerWill was founded to teach other families and family-held businesses how to build values-based organizations which ignite the potential in people. After an 85-year history as a successful family-held business, President and CEO Charlie Luck IV realized that the business had so much more potential if alignment and collaboration of senior management could be improved. This led to a Values-Based Leadership journey — for his family and for the workplace. As a result, Luck Companies is the largest family-held and family-run aggregate business in the country, ranks in the top three most engaged places to work in the U.S., and is a thriving organization built for the future. Luck Companies is currently led by its third-generation Luck family member.
“We recognized several best practices in our study of 100-year family businesses, and the first is a foundation of shared values. A family business begins with a strong sense of mission and values. To attract succeeding generations to become part of the enterprise, each generation must renew their values and mission to make being part of the effort meaningful to the emerging generation.”
– Dennis Jaffe, InnerWill Advisory Board Member, Researcher, Author, and early architect of the field of "Family Enterprise Consulting"

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