All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.  –– Charles Schulz

I love candy. All kinds of candy.

So as you can imagine, Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  As my boys transitioned from trick-or-treating with my husband and me to independent trick-or-treating, and then being too old for trick-or-treating, I still find a way to get in the spirit of the candy giving – and the candy eating.

At my house it goes like this:

Kid: Trick or treat!?

Me: Hello! I’ll trade you. I love Butterfingers. What candy can I trade you for a Butterfinger?

Kid: Laughs and ALWAYS trades me. I’ve never had anyone say no.

As I look forward to this exercise in fun, laughter, and trading, it raises this greater question for me:

What Are You Willing to Trade?

What if we were more intentional in our trading? Are there trades we could make that would have a positive impact in someone’s day? What if we choose to trade one choice, and make a better, braver choice?

Will you trade convenience for connection? Will you share the gift of your time? Will you call instead of sending a text or an email?

In our fast paced, hectic, and busy world, a phone call may be appreciated and just what someone needs. Hearing your voice instead of the tone of an incoming text can lead to deeper and more rewarding connections.

Trading Fear

A scary trade might be trading fear of vulnerability to reaching out and asking for help.

I was recently facilitating a training session for a client, and we had just taken our first break. A gentleman in the class came up to talk to me. He told me he might not be able to participate in many of the activities, because he didn’t read or write very well. That stopped me in my tracks.

This was a model and example that it’s ok to let people know when we might need help. I was honored that he chose to share that information with me. I was humbled at his braveness and vulnerability.

Trading Perfection

Will you trade perfection for continuing to work on being a better version of yourself?

My son had a teacher in high school that is one of the most inspiring people I have met. Not only did her work and teaching change my son’s life, it also influenced mine.

She shared with her students the concept of living one percent better than the day before. I embraced that concept because sometimes the quest for perfection is like the proverbial roller coaster with ups and downs. I’ve come to realize that working on myself is not about achieving perfection, it’s about making more conscious choices and recognizing the impact of those choices. It’s about trying my best, knowing that I will make mistakes, and getting comfortable with the fact that those mistakes are ok because learning from them is the only way I’m going to grow. Each day I remind myself – one percent!

Where do you need to be brave today? What are you willing to trade?

And if you come to my house trick-or-treating, don’t forget to bring the Butterfingers!



Wendy Berenson

Wendy Berenson

Wendy brings over 20 years of expertise in training and development, facilitation, and Human Resources to the InnerWill team and the clients we serve. She has a passion for helping leaders develop a culture of engaging employee experiences and has a unique knack for identifying the strengths of others and helping them reach their highest potential.

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