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Though our lives we have unique opportunities to be touched by individuals who inspire, ignite, teach, and challenge us. We look up to these people… these giants (metaphorically, of course) for their expanded wisdom, experience, and presence. Their influences in our lives are sometimes fleeting, sometimes enduring and their purpose remains to help us expand our thinking and ignite our potential so we can continue to positively impact our world.

We often see them as larger than life and occasionally beyond our reach. Rarely do we have the opportunity to engage with these leaders authentically and in real-time. However, Dan Forbes has discovered a way to create space for us to connect with different leaders on a weekly basis. He hosts a #LeadWithGiants TweetChat every Monday night from 7:00-8:00 pm. During this hour, we have the opportunity to hear from those inspirational leaders – our giants – ask them questions, engage with them in a meaningful way, and contribute to the conversation focused leadership today.

Our very own Mark Fernandes will be Dan’s guest Leadership Giant on Monday, July 13 and we would love you to join the conversation! Mark will be speaking on Values Based Leadership and sharing action steps on how to bring VBL to life in your organizations and in yourself.

Below you will find some how-tos and helpful hints (just in case this is your first time joining a Tweet Chat!). Let us know if you have any questions and we hope to tweet with you out there on Monday, July 13, 2015 at 7:00pm ET!


No twitter account needed. Click here: Lead With Giants Tweet Chat on Monday, July 13 around 7:00pm. You can just see what people are saying. Easy as can be! (don’t even worry about reading below!)


Want a bit more info?

A Tweet Chat is a conversation that happens on twitter through the use of a hashtag (#). There is a set time, a topic, and a moderator who prompts the conversation and answers questions.

A hashtag, which is symbolically represented by # (the pound sign), is a word or a phrase (with no spaces) which allows a conversation to be tracked. If you put a # in front of a word or phrase and then click on that it, you will be able to see what else people are saying about that hashtag. A hashtag is NOT case sensitive.

Examples of hastags include,

The host, @LeadWithGiants will welcome people to the Tweet Chat and start asking questions. Questions will be numbered (Q1. Q2. Q3. Ect.) and will look like this:

Q1. Is this an example of the question format for the #LeadWithGiants Tweet Chat?

Anyone who answers the questions they ask (you can too!) should respond like this:

A1. YES! & this is what your answer looks like. #LeadWithGiants.

There will be a total of 10 questions asked (starting at 7:00pm and ending around 8:00pm).

-Create a twitter account (go to and sign up!)
-In the search bar (top right) type “#LeadWithGiants” and hit enter
-Click on “Live” (desktop) or “All Tweets” (mobile) and scroll to see the feed. It will show everything in chronological order (newest tweets on top).
-Create a tweet (top right compose button), answer a question (put A1. Or A2. And then your answer), or reply to someone’s comment (click the arrow pointing left under their comment)!

-Include the #LeadWithGiants hashtag EVERY time you tweet
-If you are answering a question (Q1. Q2. Q3…), make sure to respond with the corresponding A1. A2. A3…
-Tweets can only be 140 characters
-Tweet Chats are fast paced and fun. You will not be able to read every comment, but that’s ok! Jump in where you can, ask a question, and engage with others.
-If you have any questions before, during, or after the Tweet Chat, tweet me at @deaaronson or comment below!




Danielle Aaronson

Danielle Aaronson

Danielle’s mission is to inspire leaders to make intentional choices that move them to positive action. She speaks at conferences, management summits, and leadership programs as well as facilitates efforts with executives and senior leaders at organizations seeking to influence their culture. Her mantra, “be the change you wish to see in the world” has allowed her to strive every day to be the best she can be and help others recognize the potential they have to make a positive difference. @deaaronson

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