The future of family businesses and the communities in which they operate is contingent on the quality and capabilities of tomorrow’s leaders. And that leadership bench is a critical issue, because family businesses, both privately held and public, are a major component of the global economy. To help ensure that the next generation has the leadership skills necessary to realize their potential and flourish in today’s rapidly evolving world, InnerWill Leadership Institute launched the Next Gen Family Leadership Program.

Why InnerWill? InnerWill was born from the oldest and largest family held and family run aggregate company in the U.S. and was founded to help teach other families and family-held businesses how to build values based organizations which ignite the potential in people. Being a financially successful family brings with it opportunities and challenges. We are uniquely qualified to help emerging leaders navigate the waters of family business while becoming the best possible versions of themselves – strengthening leadership capabilities and driving results.

The Next Gen Family Leadership program is a holistic learning experience designed to unlock the leadership potential, passion, and purpose of emerging family business leaders as well as family members who have substantial leadership opportunities in the community and philanthropy (ages 21-40) who are interested in increasing their capacities to influence and lead. Building on emotional intelligence developed through workshops and one-on-one coaching, the program will equip each participant with the self-confidence and tools needed to effectively develop personally and professionally in a safe and confidential environment.

Program Overview
Our next cohort kicks off in February 2024. This is a six-month virtual program that features six half-day workshops and six one-hour coaching sessions featuring expert facilitators, world-renowned speakers, and special guests. An InnerWill Certified Coach will work one-on-one with participants to identify goals, practice new skills, gather feedback, and make choices that align with values to bring about individual and organizational success. The coaching process is an ongoing partnership that helps people deepen their learning, improve their performance, and enhance the quality of their lives and leadership. As part of the program, a 360 Feedback Assessment will be administered. The feedback will be used to develop an Individual Leadership Development Plan enabling each leader to continue their leadership journey well-beyond the end of the program. Program details are as follows:


A one-hour mandatory orientation to better understand the program and expectations and begin to develop meaningful relationships with the other participants and learning partners.

VBL 101, Emotional Intelligence, and Core Values

In this workshop participants will explore the five practices of VBL – Build Awareness, Realize Potential, Develop Relationships, Take Action, and Practice Reflection – and identify the core values and beliefs that influence behaviors, decisions, relationships, and ultimately effectiveness.

Family Systems Fundamentals

In this workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of family systems theory, enhancing awareness and application of systems thinking into their own life. Participants will explore the emotional interdependency of family members and the multigenerational family system’s significance — uncovering how to function more effectively in their family and social/ work groups.

Self-Awareness and Insights Discovery®

The Insights Discovery® Workshop includes the personality instrument Insights — a tool that helps participants to identify their personal style and that of others. Participants will explore personality style as a key leadership tool and learn communication preferences and how to connect and inspire with each different style.

Effective Communication and Values Based Conversations

In this workshop, participants will identify and practice effective communication techniques including active listening, asking questions, and checking for understanding. Participants will also learn and practice the model of values based conversations.

Conflict as a Catalyst

In this workshop, participants will learn how to capture the best of different perspectives and manage conflict in a way that is catalytic – harnessing passion and energy to move forward in a positive and impactful way.

Influence & Leadership Vision

In this workshop, participants will learn how to lead and inspire others through the power of their leadership vision. Participants will practice writing and presenting their vision throughout the session and will discuss how to influence others.

Program Fee:  *$5,500 per participant

*Includes facilitation, coaching, support and all materials.

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