“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ~ Aesop


I hung up the phone after speaking with my bank about an outstanding charge on my account from 2009. OUCH

Though a totally easy-to-overlook/minor charge, for someone with high values around responsibility and financial stability, it wasn’t the best call I had that Tuesday.

I called the institution where the charge was housed and inquired about how to pay.

She walked me through the online payment system and as luck would have, it didn’t work.

“It’s okay. I will void the charge”

“Oh? Okay.”


I called her back almost instantly.

“Hi I think I just spoke with you about a charge on my account. I don’t understand, you will void the charge? How do I pay?”

“Hi, yes you did. The charge has been covered, you don’t pay… unless you want to.”

“I am confused. I don’t pay? The charge is just gone? Why?”

“Yes it is because I am helping you out. It’s our issue that the tech didn’t work, so I just took care of it for you. It’s a good deed. Now go out into the world and remember this… remember how you feel. Pay it forward and go do good onto others.”

“Wow. Thank you so much. Yes ma’am, yes I will remember. I will pay it forward.”


Values instantly fulfilled and day made.

What a pleasant reminder that the smallest things can mean so much. How can we all acknowledge and create more of those special moments for each other and those around us? After all, the opportunities are vast and no act of kindness is ever wasted.

Together, we can pay it forward and create a more positive and kind world for all.



(Follow up: I wrote this blog two days in advance of the deadline to help my coworker out as I know she is busy with a million other things and struggles with getting on time submissions. Why not?)

(Editor’s Note: Megan, I truly appreciate being the recipient of your “pay-it-forward kindness” and look forward to continuing to share the love!)



Megan Dougherty

Megan Dougherty

Megan Dougherty’s methodical approach to business and her high-attention to detail are juxtaposed by her playful sense of humor and adaptability. A self-proclaimed “tom-boy,” Megan winds down on the weekends in a ball cap with her dog, Bear. Megan holds a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications with a concentration in Strategic Advertising and a minor in Spanish, from Virginia Commonwealth University.

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