What we do before we do what we do, is what matters most.”

Leadership is all about moments. It’s about reading a situation, understanding what the situation calls for, and having the inner fortitude to self manage and respond in a conscious way. But doing that isn’t easy. It happens fast and you have to be on top of your game when that moment comes.

So how do you ensure that you’re on top of your game more often than not? Try these four steps:

Identify leadership moments in which you performed well

Identify three to four times you have led well. Who were you with? Where were you? How did it feel? What was your tone? What was the outcome?

Analyze the twenty-four hours before each moment

Explore your behaviors over the twenty-four hours that led up to each moment. How did you eat? How much did you sleep? Did you do something fun? Had you spent time outside? Were you with family? Did you go on a walk? Did you have a great workout or watch your favorite TV show the night before?

Identify trends

As you compare what led up to your successful leadership moments, notice the similarities in the actions that were taken in the twenty-four hours prior. The behaviors that you see consistently appearing are perhaps the ones that led you to being in that “just right spot” when those leadership moments arose.

Make them a daily practice

Now that you know what actions put you in that “just right spot”, find a way to incorporate them into your daily routine. At Luck, we call this your Leadership Practice.

Your Leadership Practice is an intentional, daily routine that allows you to be in that “just right spot” when leadership moments arise. We will never be able to get every leadership moment perfect, but if you are consistently executing on your Leadership Practice, your odds of leading well and positively impacting others will increase greatly. Give it a shot!


Richard Luck

Richard Luck

Richard’s passion in creating opportunities for individuals to recognize and act on their untapped potential is contagious. He has spent his life pursuing this passion, first with Teach for America and most recently with his own entrepreneurial venture, UnBoundRVA- a nonprofit that helps low-income adults reach their fullest potential through entrepreneurship. After two years of leading UnBoundRVA and successfully transitioning its leadership, he has made the move to Luck Companies, where he is currently an Executive Trainee. As a fourth generation family member at Luck Companies, Richard is able to bring a truly unique perspective on family business and Values Based Leadership.

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