A leader prepared to take an honest look at themselves and become a better person. A better leader who is strong enough to show and share their humanity. A braver leader who is honest with their colleagues and true to themselves. A wiser leader who listens and learns, then helps lift others to greater heights. 


From international organizations to not-for-profits, from broad teams to inquisitive individuals, we work with the curious, the restless, the determined, and the driven. What unites them? A desire to better themselves and make a genuine difference in the world.

Client Impact Stories

Inspiring Generations: Goochland County Public Schools

A purposeful approach builds a culture of excitement and optimism that results in deeper connections and a powerful impact on educators, the organization, and student success.

Lead, Teach, Fish: Chris Dunnavant

VBL took this teacher from a task-oriented approach to a system that focuses on people first. By engaging, inspiring, and equipping the people he trains, Chris helps them reach their full potential.

Raising the Bar: Goodwill Virginia

Aligning everyone around the same critical goal results in transparent collaboration that produces success at every level of this mission-based organization.

Leadership Stories

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