Self, Others, World

Our facilitators and coaches go deep into organizations, from the boardroom to the factory floor, from the executive director to the volunteer, from the principal to the first-year teacher, across roles, and across generations.

We bring this depth to our service offerings, providing access to resources and a unique community that give people the ability to tailor and drive their personal development. We draw on diverse sources of expertise in leadership theory and practice, bringing them together in an atmosphere of trust and respect.

Our Services

Clarity and alignment around a mission, vision, and set of values is the foundation of a Values Based Organization. These fundamentals paint a clear picture of why the organization exists, where it wants to go, and how the organization’s culture supports its strategy. Organizational values also guide the choices, actions, and behaviors of the leaders and associates across the organization. Our facilitators support clients as they develop, design, and implement clearly articulated vision, mission, and values.  They also support the organization’s capacity to lead these fundamentals through workshops, facilitated discussions, and coaching.

Coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development with the goal of individual growth, improved performance, and increased satisfaction. Our coaches work one-on-one or in groups to stimulate self-discovery and facilitate a transition to using new skills and behaviors to approach life situations.

InnerWill facilitators provide interactive and dynamic presentations that challenge the audience to think about themselves and the leadership moments they can nurture. Our core message focuses on leadership as a choice, and our facilitators create a customized experience for each client based on organizational and event expectations or needs.