InnerWill’s programs are designed and tested to have positive and measurable impacts on the organizations and individuals that we serve. Sustainable change rarely comes from helping just one person. That’s why our facilitators go deep into organizations — from the boardroom to the factory floor, from the executive director to the volunteer, from the principal to the first-year teacher — across roles, and across generations.


While programming is customized to meet an organization’s specific needs, there are four key components that ensure success:


InnerWill’s advisors work with families to develop visions, values, and family alignment, deepen trust and communication, and ensure that family-held businesses can grow and prosper for future generations.


InnerWill’s curriculum is based on practical approaches to leadership grounded in theory and refined through application in multiple settings and industries. VBL 101, Self-Awareness, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Situational Leadership II, and Personal Effectiveness are just a few of our workshop offerings.

Leadership Coaching

InnerWill’s certified coaches work one-on-one with leaders to identify their goals, practice new skills in support of their organization, gather feedback, and make choices that align with their values.

Facilitated Learning

We work with senior leaders and board members to define the organization’s strategy, culture, and processes in support of its mission.


We use a variety of instruments to assess the effectiveness of leaders and the organization, including Insights Discovery Personal Profile, Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI), 360 Degree Feedback Surveys, and Employee Engagement Surveys.

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“InnerWill are people whisperers. They match research and psychology and the science behind it, as well as the soft skills. It’s a great, well put-together program.”

– Chad Poultney, Clark Nexsen


InnerWill provides interactive, accessible and relevant presentations on leadership that challenge, inspire, engage, and motivate audiences. Our keynotes are lauded for breaking down difficult concepts into real world examples and delivering practical skills to help people lead more effectively at work, at home, and in their communities.


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