There’s Always Room for a Story

There’s Always Room for a Story

The music died. I was about 1/8 of a mile from finishing a 5K and my playlist was carefully cultivated. Each song was strategically chosen for where I would be on the race route. Then……the music was no more. My phone died, and with it went those last...
Leadership and the Super Bowl

Leadership and the Super Bowl

I don’t know any other way to lead but by example. ~ Don Shula Chances are you were one of the millions of people that tuned into Super Bowl LIII. Whether you were rooting for the Rams or the Patriots – or just using the event to be with friends and enjoy the...

Being Authentic is Not as Easy as it Sounds

Authenticity is becoming more popular – we want authentic food, authentic vacations, and even authentic soap dishes (made out of real soap, I suppose). Authenticity, when it comes to leadership, is relatively easy to demand, but it’s devilishly difficult to carry out....
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