Leadership Agility

In their book, Leadership Agility, Bill Joiner and Stephen Josephs (2007) describe urgent need for today’s leaders to lead effectively in highly turbulent, complex market places. Agility, as Joiner and Josephs define it, occurs in four areas: Context Setting Agility,...

Book Review: “The Leadership Challenge”

As one of the best leadership books on the market, Kouzes and Posner’s Leadership Challenge provides straightforward advice on the basics of leading.   The book, based on years of research and vetted by millions of readers, helps leaders understand everyday leadership...

Book Review: “Good to Great”

A classic on what makes organizations’ exceptional, Good to Great is based on Collin’s study of successful companies and what made them so.  To his surprise (and chagrin) Collins found that great organizations had great leaders.   But these aren’t the attention...

Book Review: “Leadership and Self Deception”

Ever read a leadership book that scares you?  Leadership and Self Deception is one of those—the kind of book that makes you look in the mirror and face what’s there, warts and all.   We all tell ourselves stories about other people—often they are the villains, and we...
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