Meet Danielle!

How honored I am to have the chance to write to each of you!  I am Danielle Elizabeth Aaronson and have been granted the opportunity to share my story and my life’s passion with you.  A few things you should know about me: I wear a ring that says, “Be the change you...

Meet Tom!

Ten years ago, I thought of myself as a laid-back surfer dude.  Easy going, no worries, a delight to work with.  Sure, I could be hard on other people, but that’s leadership, right?  Then I started working on myself, looked in the mirror, and realized I was no laid...

Meet Mark!

What an extraordinary journey it has been for all of us here at Luck Companies. Much like the rest of our associates I began my career in a traditional sales role in 1990 before becoming an officer of the company from 1993-2008. However back in 2003 when we began our...
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