Leveraging Technology for Connection

Leveraging Technology for Connection

As an organization that values relationships and the prosperity of people above all else, Luck Companies’ Communications Team’s strategy revolves around a central idea: bringing associates’ voices and perspectives forward.  Amid the rapidly changing environment...
The Limits of Technology in Learning

The Limits of Technology in Learning

Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads for an interesting weight-loss app. The company leverages technology to help people change their mindset to make long-term changes to achieve weight-loss goals. The app focuses on making tangible, sustainable lifestyle shifts...

Gen Y: Tech Savvy or Tech Capable?

Having been raised in an era of computers, internet, and cell phones, GenY is hard wired for technology. According to nielson.com, when asked what made our generation unique, Millennials actually ranked “technology use” number one among other identifying...
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