Insights Discovery® & Self-Awareness

Insights Discovery® & Self-Awareness

“Everyone has as much energy as I do – they just decide if they are going to use it or not.” Colton – age 9 This was Colton’s response when his uncle told him he didn’t have as much energy to play as Colton did. While I laughed at the exchange, it hit me...
Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

Next week I’ll be kicking off the eleventh session of the Women’s Leadership Series. The Women’s Leadership Series is an intimate community of female leaders who are looking to grow and activate their authentic selves to become more effective leaders. Participants are...

Meet Them Where They Are

When we talk about adaptability and Values Based Leadership, we often say “meet people where they are.” It means diagnosing their values, their style, their needs, and their emotions, and connecting with them in a way that is effective for them. (Some call it...
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