The Importance of Resilience in Leadership

The Importance of Resilience in Leadership

Recently, I’ve been reflecting on what life has been like since March. Take a moment and reflect on some of your own concerns and conversations over the past several months. Maybe they’ve been about the economy, COVID, racism, or the upcoming election. Regardless of...
Calling in Well

Calling in Well

I feel so good I’m going to call in well!  It’s been 20 years, but I still remember these words a colleague would say on sunny days when he wanted to get out to the golf course. He didn’t want sick days, he wanted well days! He believed that golf was essential to his...

Why Leaders Shouldn’t Stress about Stress

First, the bad news: One-third of Americans rate their stress level as extreme, and you might even rank yourself among them if you are a leader with a high level of care and commitment for your people and your work. It’s also no surprise that prolonged stress is...
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