The blueprint for creating high-performance teams

Teamwork works—that’s undisputed common knowledge. But when ordinary teams are transformed into high-performing teams, potential becomes limitless. With an understanding the inspiring results of high-performance teams comes the question of how. Here are five team-building principles that create a foundation for going from good to great.

1. The just-right mix
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Ensure each individual team member is valuable—and valued. When everyone’s individual talents are appreciated and used, synergy results, and everyone is motivated to strive for success together. Also, a team’s size must be appropriate for the project. Find that Goldilocks combination to maximize performance.

2. Collaboration and conflict
Defining goals and getting individual buy-in is the first step to team collaboration. But building a high-performance team entails everyone knows their respective role and can tackle it with confidence. And when conflict arises—because it will—the team leader can use healthy debate based on mutual respect to uncover causes and determine solutions.

3. Measuring and mentoring
Consistently measure the team’s performance, both collectively and individually. SWOT analysis throughout a project allows team leaders to determine whether the team is moving forward in the right direction, or if a pivot is needed. Leaders must not only navigate the ship but also strengthen their crew. Effective mentoring builds up team members, ultimately boosting the enthusiasm and effectiveness of the group.

4. Defined roles
Every member of the team will bring unique strengths, insights, experiences—and weaknesses. To create a high-performing team, leaders must identify what each team member brings to the table and establish a role that best suits them for the project. When each team member’s role and responsibilities are clearly defined, you can avoid confusion (and bitterness).

5. Encouraging “what if”
“There are no dumb questions or stupid ideas” should be the mantra of every high-performing team. The most innovative ideas often come from thinking outside the box, so creative thinking from everyone needs to be encouraged. When team members can share thoughts without fear or embarrassment, idea sparks can fly…and your next big thing comes into view.

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