We are living in a world where compassion, grace, and hope are on the decline. A world where negativity litters the media while heroes amongst us go unnoticed. A world where companies place profits over people and where wonderful talents sit on the sidelines, waiting for others to change what is broken.

The world desires leadership that can envision a different future , inspire the heads and hearts of those around them, and lead in a selfless, servant manner without expecting anything in return.

This type of leader lives within each of us. The key to unlocking it lies at the intersection of our purpose, passions, and competencies – a place we call our best self. At this place, we live into our extraordinary human potential, fully actualized and in flow. It’s where we live our lives meaningfully well. Where we live a life that matters. From this place, a new found, selfless energy is tapped.

We use this energy for good by directing our greatest strengths at challenges of equal magnitude.  Along the way, we naturally begin to help others find their best selves and live into their fullest potential. They then do the same, creating an exponential impact, one person after the next.

When the world is filled with self actualized humans, we begin to see society becoming more grateful, accepting, and humble. We begin to see a society that grows deeper relationships, possesses more patience, and feels identification and affection towards the human race.

Each one of us has the power to spark this type of change. It takes an intentional focus, perseverance, and InnerWill to define your best self and live into it. If you are able to do this,  the exponential impact with follow.



Richard Luck

Richard Luck

Richard’s passion in creating opportunities for individuals to recognize and act on their untapped potential is contagious. He has spent his life pursuing this passion, first with Teach for America and most recently with his own entrepreneurial venture, UnBoundRVA- a nonprofit that helps low-income adults reach their fullest potential through entrepreneurship. After two years of leading UnBoundRVA and successfully transitioning its leadership, he has made the move to Luck Companies, where he is currently an Executive Trainee. As a fourth generation family member at Luck Companies, Richard is able to bring a truly unique perspective on family business and Values Based Leadership.

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