Your Values Matter When It Comes to Leadership

Values Based Leadership (VBL) is the belief that we are at our best when we act in alignment with our core values. Research shows that when we are our true, authentic selves, we not only perform at higher levels, we have greater levels of satisfaction and well-being. Perhaps more importantly, we influence others to do the same. Today’s complex and rapidly changing environment is creating myriad challenges and opportunities for organizations large and small.

An organization’s ability to navigate change depends largely on its people. Ask any successful CEO about the distinguishing characteristics of effective organizations, and the conversation inevitably turns to leadership. VBL motivates and inspires employees by connecting organizational goals to employees’ personal values. It’s a process that takes into consideration the whole organization and leadership at every level. Because when people learn and grow together, they can see the change, inspire others, and maximize potential.

“The very first step on the journey to exemplary leadership is clarifying your values.”

– Jim M Kouzes, Barry Z. Posner, The Leadership Challenge

InnerWill’s origin in a thriving, multi-generational, family-owned business lends the insight and experience to help organizations use VBL to define why they exist, what they want to achieve, and the culture they need to do so. Our methods help businesses to be more aligned, engaging, and productive while giving people the tools they need to conduct their work at the highest capacity. Through a customized combination of workshops, executive coaching, facilitated learning, and assessments we develop leaders’ abilities to overcome challenges, leverage opportunities, and achieve goals.

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InnerWill’s mission is to develop better people, braver leaders, and a wiser world through the practice of Values Based Leadership. It’s not just a tagline for us, it’s why we get up in the morning and how we make a difference. At InnerWill, we are guided by our own values: hope, compassion, courage, and significance. Applying those values, we inspire awareness that anyone and everyone can learn to be a better leader.



Believing in a better future and our ability to create it

Believe in self and others
See possibilities and demonstrate optimism
Move forward despite obstacles


Caring for self and others

Develop deep and meaningful relationships
Connect with grace and empathy
Accept self and others


Doing the right thing for the right reasons

Live in alignment with one’s values
Embrace vulnerability
Approach the difficult with confidence


Creating a lasting positive impact

Develop self and others
Make a difference
Lead with purpose and authenticity